As part of any interior painting process having a flat, smooth, finished surface is absolutely necessary in order to achieve the best looking results from your professional painting service. Many painting contractors don’t offer this service, and therefore the property owner is stuck trying to coordinate another trade, often a handyman, or hiring an expensive project coordinator in order to prepare their walls properly for paint application.

Drywall Services

  • Install & Repair
  • Knockdown Texture
  • Orange Peel Texture
  • Southwest Texture
  • Skip Trowe Texture
  • Level-5 Smooth Coats
  • Popcorn/Acoustic Removal

Painting Contractors That Prepare Your Drywall

Cover-All Painting is your one-stop painting company, able to prepare your drywall. Our professional painting contractors are experienced in installing, texturing and ensuring your surface is ready to be masterfully painted. Our standards ensure that you receive the right surface preparation to give you the desired outcome for your next painting project. We look forward to completing your painting project in Las Vegas soon!

Forget about seeing seams, bowing, or flaws left behind by amateurs and other contractors. At Cover-All Painting we will leave your surface as flat and smooth as it can possibly get, ensuring that your surface is ready for our top quality paints to be applied.

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