Epoxy Garage Floors

Cover-All Painting is your premier installer of epoxy garage floor coatings for the greater Las Vegas and Henderson areas. Our unparalleled commitment to providing a superior product with professional installation makes us the epoxy garage floor coating contractor of choice for home owners and commercial garage owners around town. Transform your boring concrete flooring into a space you will want to showcase.

What is Epoxy Coating?

Most commonly applied to garage floors, an epoxy coating is a hard resin that dries as a barrier and protector all-in-one layer. The resulting coating is strong, durable, easy to maintain and fantastic looking. It can be mixed in an endless variety of color combinations to match your home, shop, or overall theme. Epoxy coatings can be applied to concrete both inside and outside and has been applied to:

Garage Floors
Shop Floors
Addition Floors
Laundry Room Floors
And Many More

Benefits of Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

Epoxy coatings are not paint, but are rather an acrylic latex product that dries with a shiny finish. Unlike paint it cures, instead of drying, into a hard, resilient surface that is resistant to chips, stains, and impacts. It’s also moisture resistant and hides minor imperfections. Retail showrooms and mechanic shop owners choose epoxy coatings in lieu of painting due to it’s many benefits.

The choice of colors are available from basic colors to custom colors and when you combine a base color and flakes into your specifically desired theme you can truly custom design any space with this versatile coating.



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