Wood Staining & Refinishing

Las Vegas Stair StainingWood staining is a specialized service that not many painting contractors in Las Vegas offer. At Cover-All Painting we are your one-stop painter offering staining of any wood surface around your home.

Many home owners hire us to stain their:

Stairway Banister

Kitchen Cabinets

Laundry Room Cabinets

Bathroom Vanities

Outdoor Decks

New Construction

Staining the cabinets and banister for your newly constructed home is fairly straightforward. Because we don’t know exactly how the wood will react to a stain we will test the stain  on an inconspicuous area and look at the results before completing your project. Ultimately this test will ensure the right expectations are created you get the best results possible.


In order to restain the wood throughout your property the Cover-All Painting team must first sand down and remove the old stain completely. But because we have an idea of how your particular wood has reacted to a stain in the past we may be able to forgo the stain testing process, but your contractor will best be able to determine this for your specific situation. Some people choose an interior painting service rather than staining wood, and this may give you a better result, which can be discussed at your consultation.


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Cover-All Painting provides wood staining services for residential homes and commercial buildings in Henderson, Las Vegas, North Las Vegsas, Summerlin, Blue Diamond, Southern Highlands, Boulder City, Mountain’s Edge, and Lake Las Vegas.


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